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Mingle360 Offers New Social Media Flash Drive


March 22, 2010

Kingston Technology

Fairfax, VA – Mingle360 will soon introduce a new social media USB Flash drive product line called MingleStick+MEMORY utilizing Mingle360’s mingle technology for peer-to-peer networking. The drive will be bundled with a Kingston® Digital 2GB SD card for music, picture and document storage. The MingleStick+MEMORY social media flash drive will soon be available for purchase worldwide from Mingle360.

MingleStick+MEMORY expands the capability of a traditional USB Flash drive by creating an interactive and engaging experience between two users. The device represents real life social networking that is extremely simple to use. People mingle with each other by simply pressing the button on the MingleStick. Users then return home to upload and view their mingle connections within an online account. The removable SD memory card within the MingleStick enables a person to store music, videos, photos and documents. The data storage capability creates daily life value for its users, while the mingle technology creates an exciting social networking experience for all MingleStick+MEMORY users.

“Our business relationship with Kingston Digital is mutually rewarding because both companies can focus on their core competencies,” says Dan Coffing, President of Mingle360. “Our patent pending mingle technology and Kingston Digital’s SD Cards create a winning combination. We are excited to bring MingleStick+MEMORY to the marketplace on a worldwide basis.”

Companies interested in purchasing the MingleStick+MEMORY can visit www.minglestick.com for more information. To contact the Mingle360 sales department, please call 703-425-0402 x111.

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