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SOCAP International Brings Mingle360’s Attendee Networking Solution to Annual Conference

November 9, 2010


socap internationalSan Francisco, CA -SOCAP International provided its global community of customer relationship experts with Mingle360’s peer-to-peer networking solution for its 2010 Annual Conference held October 17-20 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, California. All attendees received a MingleStick for the purpose of facilitating conversations and enhancing networking at the event. Akin to an electronic business card, the MingleStick is a small, keychain size device that enables people to exchange contact information, social media profiles, and profile pictures with a simple click of the button. Attendees login to an online account to view their mingle connections made at the annual conference.

"SOCAP’s Annual Conference focused on customer engagement and social media was a major part of this discussion,” says Dan Coffing, CEO of Mingle360. “The MingleStick was a perfect solution for this objective. SOCAP is an innovative leader because they envisioned bringing the mingle networking solution to their attendees as a way to incorporate social media into their live business event. Our successful implementation generated measurable business results for SOCAP and proved to be a valuable networking tool for all conference attendees.”

"SOCAP was pleased to partner with Mingle360 for our 2010 Annual Conference,” says Matthew R. D’Uva, SOCAP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Mingle360 technology was very easy and accessible for all of our attendees, which made it a pleasure to implement in all areas of our programming and greatly enhanced the overall networking at our Annual Conference.”

About SOCAP International

Founded in 1973, SOCAP International represents a thriving global profession of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries. SOCAP is a member-driven organization committed to promoting customer care and customer engagement as a competitive advantage in business. The Association’s members include vice presidents, directors, managers and supervisors of customer care and consumer affairs from top Fortune/Forbes 1000 companies as well as hundreds of business partner organizations. SOCAP provides the educational tools and professional resources to help its members to drive business transformation within their companies. Additionally, SOCAP’s exclusive network gives members access to thousands of customer relationship experts across the globe. Visit www.socap.org for more information on SOCAP International.

About Mingle360

Offered as a service to event organizers, the Mingle360 solution greatly enhances attendee networking at the event, surpassing business cards with up to date contact information and facial recognition. The company’s MingleStick product is akin to an electronic business card and provides peer-to-peer attendee networking. The company’s MingleStation product is akin to a passive lead retrieval system and online document sharing solution for exhibitors. The mingle networking solution creates 'buzz' and excitement at the event and helps differentiate an organization from the competition. For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402 x111, or by clicking here.

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