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Mingle360 and The LinkedIn Rockstars Partner to Further the Business of Social Media

October 25, 2010


Darrell GreenFairfax, VA - Mingle360 is excited to announce a new partnership with The LinkedIn Rockstars, Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff. The LinkedIn Rockstars will be adding Mingle360 technology to their training programs on corporate use of social media. In addition, they will also be providing training sessions at Mingle-enabled events to help attendees get the most strategic benefit and productivity from this new business networking power tool.

Mingle360 allows event attendees to connect with each other by simply clicking their thumb-drive sized MingleSticks together. After the event, a user simply plugs his or her MingleStick into a computer to update their online Mingle account with all of the new connections they’ve “mingled “ with. This gains immediate online access to information associated with their mingled connections—contact information, photos, websites and other collateral—as well as their profile pages on social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The system can even automatically send requests to new contacts inviting them to join their networks.

“The most respected corporations are using LinkedIn and other social networking media, and Mike and Lori are the world’s leading trainers on these increasingly essential tools,” says Dan Coffing, CEO of Mingle360. “More and more events are using the MingleStick and other Mingle technology as a means for presenters, exhibitors and attendees to easily make immediate and permanent connections that are intimately tied to their online social presence. Given the mutual core missions of Mingle360 and The LinkedIn Rockstars to empower businesspeople with cutting-edge networking technologies and strategies, our partnership is a hand-in-glove fit.”

“Most people will tell you that the single most important thing they get from conferences is the connections to people they meet,” says LinkedIn Rockstar Mike O‘Neil. “The Mingle360 system saves hours of productivity in follow-through after events. It allows both vendors and attendees to continue establishing new personal peer-to-peer relationships immediately without any scanning, sorting, data entry or loss. Account photos provide visual memory cues, privacy is taken care of automatically, and the system even eliminates the need for printed materials. We’re very excited to have Mingle360 as a new enabling technology for business networking. Training people to use it most effectively with their other social strategies is a natural extension of our work.”

About The LinkedIn Rockstars

The LinkedIn Rockstars, Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, are the world’s most experienced and engaging LinkedIn trainers. With over 500 high-energy group presentations to their credit, they focus on training sales teams, recruiting teams, executive teams and associations, showing users the mechanics and strategies of LinkedIn and related social media for the corporate world. Their Rock The WorldTM books pique reader’s interest in LinkedIn and social media by using musical influences that inspire action while guiding participants down the path to online business success. http://www.integratedalliances.com

About Mingle360

Offered as a service to event organizers, the Mingle360 solution greatly enhances attendee networking at the event, surpassing business cards with up to date contact information and even facial recognition. It creates 'buzz' and excitement at the event and helps differentiate the organization from the competition. For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402 x111, or by clicking here.

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