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Mingle360 Enables Dulles (Va.) Chamber of Commerce
To Secure Leads and Contacts on MingleSticks

November 11, 2009

Fairfax, VA - November 9, 2009 - Mingle360 is supporting the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce - one of the fastest growing Chambers in the Washington, DC region - with a powerful networking tool called the MingleStick (www.minglestick.com). Chamber Members simply “point and click” to connect with other attendees and event sponsors. The MingleStick uses patent-pending wireless technology for creating real-world connections that can be viewed online after the event.

When two event attendees click with their MingleSticks, a connection is automatically made. The MingleStick lights-up “green”, giving members and Chamber Staff more time to spend on important conversations with potential customers. Immediately following the event, attendees can review their leads within an online ‘address book’, containing contact information and profile pictures for facial recognition. The Chamber Members keep the MingleStick and return home to upload their sales leads and connections via a USB port on their computer.

Eileen Curtis, President and CEO of the Dulles Chamber, has been an “early adopter” of new technologies. Curtis said: “We at the Dulles Chamber are so excited to be the first Chamber in the country to embrace the newest networking technology from Mingle360.” She added that at the fall Chamber event, “the MingleStick debuted recently and quickly became a ‘happening’ as members clicked their way into each other’s network. We expect to have extraordinary success with this wonderful new tool.”

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Curtis and her membership development team initially ordered 250 MingleSticks. Because of competitive pricing, the Dulles Chamber is likely to purchase additional devices that members may take home. Mingle360 provides its networking solution to business networking events as well as tradeshows, conventions, and social events. The MingleStick technology was most recently deployed at the Jiffy Lube International tradeshow, the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention, and the TS2 Trade Show.

"We believe the MingleStick revolutionizes the meetings industry," said Dan Coffing, CEO of Mingle360.  "Our next-generation lead retrieval and networking solution enables attendees to connect with each other with a simple click of a button.” He said attendees appreciate the experience without the need for business card exchange. “Connections are made within a split second and the MingleStick is undoubtedly a great conversation starter for everyone involved."

The hardware devices are significantly less expensive than traditional lead retrieval systems and produce more effective results.  Bradley Blinn, VP of Marketing with Mingle360, noted:  "We are happy to partner with the Dulles Regional Chamber to bring our MingleStick technology into more intimate meeting settings like chamber functions. We are expanding to affinity groups like professional societies, women’s business groups, and other meetings,” he said.

In 2009, Mingle360 received Trade Show Executive’s 2009 Innovation Award and Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) Symposium’s Best Live Demonstration Award. Mingle360 may be reached at 703-425-0402.

About Mingle360

Offered as a service to event organizers, the Mingle360 solution greatly enhances attendee networking at the event, surpassing business cards with up to date contact information and even facial recognition. It creates 'buzz' and excitement at the event and helps differentiate the organization from the competition. For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402, or by clicking here.

About the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organization that exists to promote and facilitate the success of businesses and the communities they serve through networking, workforce development, outreach, and advocacy. We present over 300 events and preside over dynamic committees, including Environment, Education, Membership, Gala, Ambassadors, Marketing, Workforce, Asian, Outreach, Health & Wellness, Technology, Economic Development, Hispanic, Government Contracting, and Public Policy.

Our Chamber serves businesses in western Fairfax and eastern Loudoun Counties, including the Town of Herndon, the area around Dulles Airport, Sterling, Chantilly, Centreville and South Riding. The Chamber serves one of the nation’s foremost high-tech corridors and acts as a resource, public affairs advocate and community partner for 1,000 businesses and affiliates. Underneath the Dulles Chamber’s umbrella organization, we also do business as the Herndon Chamber of Commerce and the Chantilly-Centreville Chamber of Commerce. A member of our chamber is actually a member of three chambers.

The Chamber has consistently been a strong supporter of transportation, including the Rail to Dulles Project, helping lead the fight when the FTA threatened to kill the project back in 2007. With the last census revealing that our region’s population had undergone a multicultural explosion, the Chamber turned its attention to this area with several multicultural summits, followed by the founding of an Hispanic, and later Asian, Committee, and helping with ESOL programs to help the new members of the community better their English language skills. In the area of education, the Chamber partners with six area high schools, providing mentoring, job fairs, ethics days and financial literacy training to the students. As a workforce chamber, it has created the Dulles Corporate College to enhance professional development opportunities. As a strong early adapter of environmental upgrades in the workplace, it hosted a 2008 Presidential campaign on the environment, with surrogates Governor Kaine and former Governor Allen. And as a proponent of corporate involvement in wellness for its employees, it recently hosted a Healthcare Reform luncheon to help educate members and the public on the facts. And on the economic development front, the Chamber is actively branding the Dulles Region. While the Dulles Region is currently the breadbasket of the entire Commonwealth, it has never been recognized as a discrete force, due to the fact that it lies in two different political jurisdictions. The Chamber hired Dr. Stephen Fuller of George Mason University to provide the Dulles Region with a new set of demographic statistics.

The Chamber began its existence in 1959 as the Herndon Chamber of Commerce. In its early years it involved itself with community efforts such as inaugurating a golf course and a parks and rec center for the Town, along with help developing business for the new Dulles Airport. In the 1990’s, the Town of Herndon became birthplace to the commercial internet and transformed the business environment of the area to accommodate a tremendous high-tech boom. In 2000 the chamber merged with the Dulles Area Chamber of Commerce to become the Herndon Dulles Chamber. In 2007 it took as its new name the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce and added a permanent new office in Chantilly.

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