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Mingle360 Deployed its MingleStick Technology at the
Professionals in the City Four-Minute Dating Singles Party.

February 2009
Washington D.C.

Mingle360 deployed its MingleStick technology at the Professionals in the City Four-Minute Dating Singles Party in Washington, D.C. MingleSticks were used during the social mixer, where about 120 people each experienced approximately 20 first dates in a single evening.

"The MingleSticks were so popular at this event that several people didn't want to give them back to the Mingle360 team," says Bradley Blinn, VP of sales and marketing with Mingle360. "The MingleSticks were a prized possession."

When guests registered, they each received a MingleStick and had a photo taken. This allowed them to connect with other people using the MingleSticks. After the event, guests could go to a password-protected website and view photos and contact information of those they connected with. "The MingleSticks were a great ice breaker, and people loved being able to see pictures of everyone they met," Blinn says.

Blinn added that the MingleSticks made the dating event unique. "Executing our technology at this event demonstrated its flexibility and usefulness in a wide variety of situations," he says. "Nightclub owners can use MingleSticks to create a new and memorable experience for their guests. Implementing the MingleStick solution builds a competitive advantage for night clubs and event organizers that want to stand out and be the best."

Michael Karlan, president of Professionals in the City, agrees. "The MingleStick technology added a new dimension to our Four-Minute Dating event," he says. "In an environment where people are trying to introduce themselves quickly, the MingleStick is a great conversation starter. Also, our guests find it challenging to remember everyone they meet, and seeing photos of each MingleStick connection they made really helps. That's a unique benefit."

The MingleStick technology can be used at social functions, conventions, trade shows, and other events with up to 100,000+ people. Not only can event organizers use MingleSticks to create a unique and exciting experience, but companies can sponsor the technology and receive brand exposure that reaches all attendees.

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Our vision is to serve others through community, connections, and commerce.  Mingle360 is a communications and consumer electronics company, providing a unique solution to connect people with each other and with local businesses via online and offline social networking media.  Thus we enable people to pursue meaningful relationships with each other and with local businesses.  For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402, or by clicking here.

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