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Mingle360 Launches MingleStick.com Website to Showcase Its
Electronic Business Card Technology

MingleStick.comOctober, 27, 2008
Fairfax, VA

Mingle360 announced the launch of its MingleStick.com website to showcase its new and innovative 'electronic business card' technology. The website features video testimonials and product information about the MingleStick device.

"Our MingleStick technology is revolutionary in nature," says Dan Coffing, CEO of Mingle360. "MingleStick users simply press a button to connect with each other. Our technology is extraordinarily unique because no personal information is exchanged between two people. Instead, a 'MingleCode' is exchanged and this code references an online profile. Within the context of business and social networking, this is extremely important because privacy and safety is of growing concern."

"The simplicity and 'coolness' of the website design reflects the functionality and usefulness of the MingleStick product itself," says Chris Whytal, Creative Director at Mingle360. “The MingleStick website currently features video testimonials and will include product reviews, additional photos, and technology demonstrations.”

To visit MingleStick.com click here.

MingleStickAbout the MingleStick

What is the MingleStick?
The MingleStick is an “electronic business card” that enables people to quickly exchange contact information with each other. Within the context of a tradeshow or convention, it’s a simple and easy way to connect with numerous people throughout the day.

What does it look like?
The MingleStick is a small, single button device. On one end is an infrared sensor which sends and receives wireless information; on the other end, shielded by a removable cap, is a USB connector which connects to a computer to upload data.

What does it do?
Two users point their MingleSticks at each other and click the button to create a successful connection. At the end of the day, the user takes their MingleStick and plugs it into their computer. The Mingle360 website automatically launches and the user logs into their account to view the number of connections they made with the MingleStick.

About Mingle360
Our vision is to serve others through community, connections, and commerce.  Mingle360 is a communications and consumer electronics company, providing a unique solution to connect people with each other and with local businesses via online and offline social networking media.  Thus we enable people to pursue meaningful relationships with each other and with local businesses.  For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402, or by clicking here.

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The MingleStick
 Check out the MingleStick and see how it will revolutionize the way people exchange and manage identity information.

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