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Mingle360 Holds Live Demonstrations at TECH Cocktail Event

Washington D.C.
October, 02, 2008


TECH Cocktail Event

Mingle360 was selected to demonstrate its MingleStick technology at the TECH cocktail event. The demonstrations enabled people to experience the simplicity of the 'one button, one click' MingleStick device.

The TECH cocktail event is comprised of bloggers, entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, and other business professionals seeking to share ideas and build a technology community in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

"Mingle360 has an interesting technology that is simple to use, fun, and I see how it could be valuable for attendees," said Frank Gruber, cofounder of TECH cocktail and Founder & Editor of SOMEWHAT FRANK. "Their technology solution definitely created a lot of buzz amongst the crowd."

"TECH cocktail was perfect for Mingle360 because it enabled our company to demonstrate the MingleStick within the context of a social event," said Bradley Blinn, VP of Sales & Marketing. "People could see how easy the MingleStick creates connections between two people with a simple click of a button. These connections are then brought online for further networking."

The Mingle360 technology solution has many potential applications. Conventions, tradeshows, conferences, and social events represent near term opportunities for the company.

TECH Cocktail Event
Pictures taken by Raoul Pop Photography

About Mingle360

Our vision is to serve others through community, connections, and commerce.  Mingle360 is a communications and consumer electronics company, providing a unique solution to connect people with each other and with local businesses via online and offline social networking media.  Thus we enable people to pursue meaningful relationships with each other and with local businesses.  For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402, or by clicking here.

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