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FAQ's: MingleStick Features and Benefits

Key chain device
The MingleStick can easily be attached to a lanyard around your neck or a keychain in your pocket.


One button
The MingleStick is extremely simple to use because it only has one button. Press the button to connect with another MingleStick user. The red flashing light turns green on both MingleSticks to indicate a successful connection has been made.

Wireless technology
The operating range of two MingleSticks is approximately 2 feet. Two users point their MingleSticks at each other and click to connect.

The MingleStick is plugged into an internet-enabled computer via USB to upload your mingles to the website.

500+ mingles
The MingleStick can hold up to 500 mingles at a time. Uploading your mingles resets your MingleStick and enables you to connect with 500 more people! Thus, you truly have unlimited capability with your MingleStick!

MingleStick Benefits

  1. The MingleStick is lightweight, small, and easy to carry. The device is not heavy or cumbersome and it’s perfect to use at tradeshows or conventions.

  2. The MingleStick is simple to use. People of all ages love to use the MingleStick at events. Even people afraid of new technology find the MingleStick easy to use. With the click of a button you’re an expert with our technology! Its simplicity helps ensure adoption by all attendees at an event.

  3. The MingleStick is a great ice breaker. At events, it gives people something to talk about. People can be afraid of introducing themselves, but the MingleStick is a fun conversation starter.

  4. Because the MingleStick is used by all event attendees, this ubiquity turns the MingleStick into a powerful networking tool. Imagine an event with 5K, 10K or even 50K attendees all using the MingleStick to click to connect with each other!

  5. No need to scan business cards after the event! The MingleStick acts like a digital business card whereby a person’s profile information is displayed online. Plug in your MingleStick to upload and view your connections at the event. No need to return home with a stack of business cards that need to be scanned or typed into Outlook.


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