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FAQ's: MingleStation Features and Benefits

Small countertop device
The MingleStation is a small, standalone countertop unit that is very non-obtrusive.

Wireless, battery operated
The MingleStation uses AA batteries. The device does not require electricity which can be expensive to rent at tradeshows and conventions.

Passive mode operation
The MingleStation sits in passive mode waiting to connect. At an event, an attendee walks up to the MingleStation and points and clicks at the station with their MingleStick. The MingleStation automatically makes the connection! It’s that simple!

MingleStation Benefits

  1. The MingleStation acts like a simple lead retrieval system or point of premise registration system. Attendees simply point and click their MingleStick to create a connection with the MingleStation.

  2. MingleStations are easy to deploy at events. Because the units are battery operated, this eliminates the need to rent electricity. Turn the MingleStation “on” and it’s ready to mingle!

  3. Unlike traditional lead retrieval systems, the MingleStation lets the attendee initiate the connection. A person walks up to the MingleStation and simply clicks to connect. As a result, exhibitors do not have to waste their time scanning badges and barcodes. Exhibitors can focus on their conversations and not worry about scanning leads.

  4. Attendees click to connect with a MingleStation - and they love this feeling of control. This interactive experience is simple, fun, and effective. Attendees not wanting to speak with a sales representative at the booth can still click to connect with the company’s MingleStation. Many times attendees are pressed for time and don’t have time to talk. They can now click to connect with the company’s MingleStation. The exhibitor has now captured the qualified lead that would have otherwise been missed.

  5. Exhibitors are challenged with capturing leads. Valuable time is spent on the tradeshow floor speaking with and qualifying attendees. The MingleStation enables exhibitors to speak with attendees truly interested in their products and services. Those attendees not wanting to speak with a sales representative can just click to connect with the company’s MingleStation. The lead is captured and, more importantly, the exhibitor can focus their time on attendees that want to speak with a sales representative. As a result, the exhibitor is more efficient with their precious time on the tradeshow floor.


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