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FAQ's: MingleManager Features

Online rolodex
When a MingleStick user uploads their mingles, their connections are displayed online. The user must login (via a secure username and password) to view their connections. Thousands of personal and professional contacts can be stored and organized in your online account.

Pictorial references
Profile pictures are displayed for each contact. Facial recognition helps you remember the conversations with each person.

Web based application
MingleManager is a web-based application. Users can access their account anytime, anywhere, and from any internet-enabled computer.

Export feature
Business professionals are heavy users of Outlook, Salesforce.com, and other CRM tools. We provide the tools to export your mingle connections into these popular applications.

2-way communication channel
A Message Center within MingleManager enables attendees and exhibitors to easily communicate with each other. With traditional lead retrieval systems, attendees typically wait to receive follow up phone calls from exhibitors after the event. With MingleManager, attendees can upload their connections and proactively contact exhibitors to express their further interest.


MingleManager Benefits

  1. The MingleStick connects to your online profile that displays information including your personal and professional information, hobbies, interests, and demographic data. Providing this information helps people learn more about you. An online profile is much more informative than a regular business card.

  2. Take ongoing, detailed notes that won’t be lost on the back of business cards. MingleManager enables you to add notes about a contact to help you remember past conversations and to-do items.

  3. Save time! No need to scan or type contacts into your CRM. MingleManager offers an export feature for easy data portability. Many people are heavy Outlook or Salesforce.com users and need the ability to bring their MingleStick connections into these programs. MingleManager users can quickly and easily export contact information for a person’s specific use.

  4. Powerful keyword search tool helps you find the right person! Some people have hundreds if not thousands of business contacts. Search your contacts by name or keyword to find the right person. For example, search on “lanyards” or “lawyer” to find the people and businesses that match this criteria.

  5. Organize your contacts into unlimited folders. For example, create folders for Hot Leads, Warm Leads, and Cold Leads. Move your contacts into the appropriate folder for easy categorization. MingleManager can help you organize both your professional contacts and personal friends!

  6. Your company's website is just one click away. Display your company’s website in your profile for easy viewing. This is great marketing exposure for your company!

  7. Easily find a contact or business 6 months after the event. Using your MingleSticks helps build your network of contacts. Some of these contacts will be very useful, but others might not be needed immediately. Use MingleManager to reference a past event to find a particular contact. A connection made 6 or 12 months ago might become very useful today!

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