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Business Solutions
The MingleStick

Brand Your MingleStick
Companies seeking greater marketing exposure can purchase and distribute branded MingleSticks. Get your company brand in the hands of thousands of people! The MingleStick can be customized with your company logo and colors.

MingleManager Address BookCorporate Events
Create buzz and a differentiated experience with the MingleStick! Attendees will love the ability to quickly create connections with our small, sleek, an innovative device. Use the MingleStick to create extraordinary and unforgettable events that stand out from the ordinary. Become the talk of your industry!

Social Gatherings
Participants quickly and easily ‘mingle with their MingleSticks!’ Here’s how it works: two people connect with each other by pointing their MingleSticks and pressing one simple button. Rapid fire connections are made within a split second! Attendees love the networking potential and ability to quickly connect with others. Combined with our MingleStation product, we also offer an inexpensive event registration and lead retrieval service.

MingleManager Address BookConventions
Extend the life of your event for years to come! MingleStick connections are managed online thus extending the life of your event. MingleManager is our life management application that enables people to organize their address book, create interest groups, share and manage contact information, send messages, and more. Our service extends the networking potential between all event participants and your organization. MingleManager helps turn event conversations into long lasting, meaningful relationships.

MingleManager Address BookTrade Shows
Mingle360 adds exceptional value to your current portfolio of services! Event participation and membership retention measure your success. The MingleStick and MingleManager website are additional tools to help you build a solid base of satisfied repeat customers.

Offer the Mingle360 solution as a premium sponsorship opportunity to your advertisers! Companies seeking maximum event exposure can have their logo and colors branded on the MingleSticks. The MingleManager application also provides exclusive advertising for your sponsor with prominent banner and text advertisements throughout the website. With the Mingle360 solution, your organization realizes great benefits while adding an additional revenue stream.

 Use MingleStick's for Your Event!

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