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Social Media Blog September 21, 2010

College Networking and Freshman Orientation

Freshman orientation can be a great way to meet people before your first day of class. At the start of the school year, incoming freshman arrive on campus its about attending classes, networking with peers, and meeting new friends. Wouldn't it be great if there was a campus networking solution that enabled students to quickly and easily connect with each other? The idea of an "eletronic business card" for networking on college campus would be great. Thank goodness for the MingleStick!

Many universities have contacted Mingle360 because they see the MingleStick as a great networking solution for their college students. With a simple click of a button, students can exchange contact information and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace). The MingleStick acts like an 'electronic business card' and has facial recognition to help remember past conversations.

Social networking on campus is now made easy! The MingleStick can be used in the classroom (on campus) and on Friday nights (off campus). It's a great conversation starter and lets students (especially freshman) quickly build a network of friends.

Getting students connected into campus life is extremely important. Universities and colleges need to think about a networking solution for their students, especially the incoming freshman!

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