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Social Media Blog September 12, 2010

Attendee Networking at Tradeshows and Conferences

The big buzz in the meetings and events industry is attendee networking. Conferences and tradeshows host thousands of attendees, but the networking challenge has always remained. Traditional lead retrieval systems have always been used to connect attendees with exhibitors, but how do attendees connect with other attendees?

Attendee networking solutions are on the rise, but successful implementations can be challenging. Mobile applications seem like the perfect solution, but there are significant challenges that prevent mobile apps from becoming the networking standard and small and large events.

Think about a 500 or 50,000 person event. Ask yourself one question: Do ALL the attendees carry a smart phone and know how to install and use mobile apps? The obvious answer is “NO!” The key to attendee networking is UBIQUITY. In order for any "electronic business card" technology to take off at an event - every person must be using the same networking solution. This is a major obstacle that is incredible difficult to overcome.

The great news is that Mingle360 has created an attendee networking solution for tradeshows and conferences that can be used by 100% of the audience. Whether your event hosts 100 or 100,000 people, our mingle networking solution can be distributed to all attendees. This ubiquity, combined with its simplicity (because its a one-button device), creates a powerful networking tool used by all attendees.

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