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Social Media Blog November 10, 2010

MTO Tech Awards - Mingle360 Wins Best in Networking and Community

MTO - Meeting Tech OnlineWe won! Mingle360 just learned that we won a tech award by Meeting Tech Online. MTO Tech Awards honors technology providers in the trade show, conference and meeting industry. Mingle360 submitted its application for the Best in Networking and Community - and we won!

The Best in Networking and Community category recognizes technology designed to promote online and offline networking as well as community building. This category covers such technology as event-centric social networking platforms, community building tools, mobile networking, matchmaking, and one-to-one live meeting solutions.

The Criteria:

  • Technology solves a problem or addresses a need for meeting stakeholders (for example, event organizer, attendee, sponsor, exhibitor)
  • Technology is unique and innovative in its design, delivery or value proposition
  • Technology is disruptive, i.e. enables new strategies, business models, markets or pricing
  • Technology provides optimum return on investment for event stakeholders
  • Technology exhibits high and/or rapid user adoption rates
  • Technology integrates easily with existing event management platforms and/or other technology solutions
  • Technology is part of a long-term strategy to evolve the meetings industry
  • Technology is user-friendly

Mingle360 was selected as the best of the best! We are honored to be recognized as Meeting Tech Online's best networking and community solution.

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