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Social Media Blog September 15, 2009

MingleStations for Tracking Workshop Sessions

In talking with event organizers and meetings planners, they have shared with us the need to track attendance at their sessions and workshops. Oftentimes, tracking is done via pen and paper or surveys at the end of the conference. Needless to say, I don’t think that creates the best user experience for the attendees. Perhaps you have a tradeshow or conference with thousands of attendees that attend specific sessions, workshops, or seminars. Wouldn’t it be great to know the attendance of each one?

The concept of workshop tracking hasn’t been solved [well] with technology. I’m glad to share with you the fact that Mingle36o has a great solution for tracking attendance at workshops, conferences, and seminars. Our solution involves our MingleStick and MingleStation technologies. All attendees receive a MingleStick upon Registration at the event. MingleStations are deployed at the entrances of the all the sessions and workshops that need tracking. As attendees enter the room, they simply click their MingleStick with the MingleStation. When their MingleStick turns green, this indicates they made a successful connection with the workshop. How easy is that!?

Mingle360 recently facilitated session tracking for the annual Jiffy Lube conference with great success. People clicked to connect with their workshop. At the end of the event, the event organizer was able to login to online accounts to view the profile pictures and contact information of all the people that attended the workshops. Jiffy Lube followed up with the attendees after the event with an email containing further documentation.

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