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Social Media Blog September 23, 2009

MingleSticks as Custom Promotional Products and Giveaways at Trade Shows

When it comes to custom promotional products and trade show giveaways, companies spend a lot of money on products. I’m always surprised at the usefulness of these items. At trade shows, the promotional products are almost always the same and have little value. We see the same trinkets and gadgets. One of the more useful products is bags, but how many do you have stacked in your closet at home? I recently cleaned my office which resulted in 3 or 4 bags being donated to a local charity.

When it comes to promotional products, we want to give something away that is useful. We want custom branding on the product so that we remain top of mind with the customer. And hopefully the giveaway or product is used often!

We receive numerous inquiries from customers and promotional products companies because the MingleStick is a promotional product that can be customized for any business. The MingleStick provides excellent utility at tradeshows and conferences and a company’s logo and colors can be branded on the device. Imagine handing out MingleSticks to all the attendees of a business meeting. Everyone single person can connect with each other with a simple click of a button! Our product is simple to use and is extremely useful. Because every person has mingled, they are going to take the MingleStick home with them to upload their connections!

The MingleStick can be used as a great giveaway to your best clients at a trade show or conference. The device is an excellent conversation starter and ice breaker for everyone. Just go up to someone and say “Wanna mingle?” They might look at you funny, but then explain to them the MingleStick you have in your hand. You have now entered into a great conversation with that person!

If your company is looking for a giveaway or a business promotional item that many people have never seen before, then feel free to give us a call. The MingleStick will dazzle your audience and spark lots of curiosity. When it comes to promotional products, the MingleStick is unique and different and will help you stand out!

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