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Social Media Blog September 14, 2009

The MingleStick: How Does it Work?

People are always amazed at how the MingleStick works. I thought I would take this time to fully explain how the MingleStick works. Before we start talking functionality, let me first explain the basic features of the MingleStick:

1. The MingleStick is a USB device that is plugged into a laptop.
2. The device uses IR (infrared) technology to communicate with other devices.
3. The device only consists of one button for the user to press.

How is a Mingle Connection Made?
Two users point their MingleSticks at each other and press a button. When the red flashing light turns solid green, a successful connection has been made. The two users do not have to press their buttons simultaneously either. If I press and then you press a second later, a connection can still be made.

Two People Must Press The Button
Some people want to know if they can go around and make connections without the other person knowing. This will not work. We want to make sure purposeful connections are made between two people, so both people have to knowingly press their MingleStick button.

The MingleStick works within a range of 18 inches. Two MingleStick users can point and click right next to each other, or they can be within conversation range of each other. The idea that a connection can be made from across the room cannot happen.

Number of Mingles
The MingleStick can hold up to 500 connections, so a person can do plenty of networking at a tradeshow, nightclub or social event. No need to worry about running out of mingles!

Uploading Your Mingles
After an evening of networking, you return home (or to your hotel) and plug the MingleStick into your computer. Assuming your MingleStick is registered to your online account, you simply login to view the mingle connections you have made.

If your MingleStick is brand new and not yet registered, simply plug the MingleStick into your computer and register the device. Follow the directions to create your new account. It’s very simple. Once your account is created, login to view your mingle connections. It’s as simple as that!

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