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Social Media Blog April 14, 2011

Networking at Corporate Meetings and Events

MingleStickFor corporate meetings, networking is an extremely important component. Employees within the same company are supposed to meet, greet, and network with each other, but that can be challenging. Meeting planners and event organizers look to find ways to enhance the networking at these events and meetings. The MingleStick is akin to an electronic business card and enables employees and customers to engage with each other. The device is a great conversation starter and ice breaker and corporate event planners have found the MingleStick to be a great networking tool for events and meetings. If you are planning a future corporate meeting, feel free to contact us and see if we can be of assistance. The MingleStick can be branded with your company logo (or a sponsor’s logo), so it’s a great networking tool that brings exciting buzz and utility for your attendees.

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