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Social Media Blog April 21, 2011

Exhibitor iPad Lead Retrieval for Trade Shows

iPadExhibitors looking for new lead retrieval technologies are exploring the usage of iPads for collecting leads. Organizers seeking to improve technology innovation at their events should consider using the Apple iPad for exhibitor lead retrieval. The iPad provides many advantages over traditional lead retrieval solutions including the ability to take detailed notes on an attendee / client / buyer. Lead retrieval solutions for event organizers will dramatically evolve in the coming months and years to come. Additionally, exhibitors will find new and more cost effective ways to bring iPads to their trade shows, conferences, and conventions. The resulting effect is better tracking and qualification of sales leads.

Mingle360 is a mobile technology company revolutionizing attendee networking and lead generation at live business events. Exhibitors or event organizers looking to bring innovative technologies to their events should contact us for more information.


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