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Social Media Blog April 5, 2011

QQR CodesR Codes for Tradeshows, Conferences, and Conventions!

QR codes are a popular mobile trend for 2011. Event organizers of conferences, tradeshows, and conventions are looking for new and innovative ways to bring technology to their events. QR codes can be a great addition to a tradeshow or conference if properly implemented. Many companies already produce QR readers and generators for general consumer usage. Tradeshows and conferences have a great opportunity to work with their exhibitors and attendees to properly implement QR codes at their event.

Mingle360 has brought forth revolutionary technology with its networking solution for attendees and lead retrieval solution for exhibitors. We understand the needs of the marketplace and adapt to the latest technologies. If you are looking to bring QR code technology to your tradeshow, conference, or convention feel free to contact us to explore how we can effectively and cost efficiently bring the technology to your event.

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