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About MingleManager
MingleManager: Organize, Manage, Connect...maintaining your personal & professional life

MingleManager is a life management application designed for practical use in our daily lives. Connect with your friends, manage your business contacts, and share the right information with the right people. Concerned about your privacy? MingleManager separates your personal life from your professional life. We put you in complete control of your information.

Popular Features

MingleManager Address BookPersonal Address Book
Our powerful address book enables you to properly categorize your friends and business associates using folders and sub folders. Drag and drop names to quickly and easily rearrange your contacts. The auto-updating address book ensures you instantly receive changes to a person's contact information. Organize your friends, family, coworkers, and business contacts with ease using the MingleManager address book.

Event and Calendar Sharing
We need simple yet powerful tools to manage our busy lives. MingleManager helps you organize your schedule and share events with friends and business associates. Create invitations, track RSVP's, and send reminders. Use your calendar to coordinate weekend schedules with your favorite friends, share your personal agenda with family members, and arrange business meetings with your co-workers. MingleManager is the perfect event and calendar solution for all your personal and business needs!

MingleManager Message CenterMessage Center
Your address book is directly integrated with sending messages. A clean simple design makes communicating with your network of friends and associates easy and fun. Your message center eliminates spam - only receive mail from your address book contacts.

Group Organization
Create groups for professional, nonprofit, volunteer and/or community organizations. Build online community with your group members as they use MingleManager to interact and communicate with each other. Your organization receives excellent viral marketing and networking via its group members.

MingleManager Content SharingContent Sharing
Connect feeds from services such as Flickr, Facebook, MySpace and 20 others to your MingleManager service. Centralize your internet activity and share these feeds with your networks of friends, family, and business associates with MingleManager.

Privacy Management
The MingleManager service was designed with security in mind. The privacy of your personal information is protected with our service. Security controls ensure your contact information is appropriately shared with the right people. For example, best friends view all your contact information but new acquaintance can only view the city you live in. Our unprecedented privacy management service also provides permanent severability. This feature allows you to permanently block a person from contacting you again.

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